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 Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.  

— Kofi Annan

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Make it Easier for International Students to Apply

International applicants submitting your ApplyWeb application can request their verified official transcripts and other academic documents directly from within their application form or their status page. This automated service saves your applicants time and money, and gives them a favorable impression of your institution.

Get Official Authentication You Can Trust

Document requests from Chinese applicants go automatically to CSSD, a division of the Chinese Ministry of Education. Document requests from all other international applicants go to Educational Perspectives, a non-profit public service organization and NACES member providing foreign credential evaluations. Officially verified documents are sent electronically to CollegeNET and are then automatically imported into your Admit application evaluation system and collated with the corresponding application.

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Use the Service to Suit Your Needs

Authenticated documents may also be batched as individual pdf files and delivered to your school in a .zip archive for import into your SIS or imaging systems.

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