Virtual Classroom

The First Schedule-Free Classroom

StandOut Classroom is the first virtual classroom system that enables 100% self-paced learning and eliminates absenteeism. Advanced tools for online learning provide a unique, enriched academic experience.

Patented AI Technology Makes a College Degree More Attainable

Self-paced Learning Boosts Student Satisfaction and Retention

Transcripted video lectures enable students to learn at their own pace, on their own schedules. Supports on-time degree completion and makes learning accessible to non-traditional students.

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Robust Instruction and Communication Tools Improve learning Outcomes

Patented AI-enhanced research tools enable independent, deep exploration of lecture topics and terminology. Instructors and students can search, annotate, and interact directly through the real-time transcript.


Analytics Inform Teaching Strategies and Student Support

In-depth user data reveal how students in a virtual class environment are engaging with lecture material, opportunities for improvement or enrichment, and which students may need more support.

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Integration with 25Live® Scheduling Eliminates Class Conflicts

Seamless integration with your school’s 25Live scheduling system allows you to offer any class with the StandOut Classroom virtual class option, so overlapping class times no longer impede degree completion.


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