CertiFile® Credential Verification and Delivery

Quick and Reliable Document Delivery

No mail delays! Through CertiFile’s secure platform, your U.S. and international applicants can have their verified transcripts and other academic documents sent electronically to your Admissions system.

CertiFile is one of my preferred transcript verification services. When final transcripts come in through CertiFile, I know I can trust that they have first been reviewed and certified by professionals with the expertise needed for each unique instance.

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Cornell University

Simplify the Application Process for Your Applicants and Your Institution

Convenient, Secure Delivery

Your applicants’ verified documents can be automatically imported into your Admit application evaluation system or delivered to your school in a .zip archive for import into your SIS or imaging systems.

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Official Verification You Can Trust

CertiFile partners with officially recognized U.S and international credential verification services, including Educational Perspectives, MyCreds/MesCertif, My eQuals, Digitary CORE, and CSSD.

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Includes All Academic Documents

Delivers secondary education qualifications, Gaokao scores, and other international student exam results; high school diplomas and certificates, higher education transcripts, degree verification, and more.


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Use the document delivery system you and your applicants can trust.