Scheduling, Calendaring and Resource Management

Maximize Efficiency and Savings Across Your Institution

For academic scheduling, meeting or conference room scheduling, calendar publishing, or managing events and resources, Series25 is the all-in-one scheduling software that enables you to streamline your entire process.

Integration with All Major Student Information Systems

Only Series25 Gives You:

Fast, Efficient Course and Room Scheduling Software

Determine the optimal space allocation for your campus. Maximize utilization and save weeks of scheduling time. Model "what-if" scenarios to anticipate building closures and create alternative schedules. 

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Academic and Event Scheduling Software for All Users

Event planners and class schedulers can search dates and venues, reserve space, allocate resources, and manage event details. Events are automatically posted to web calendars across your campus.

Series25® in Action – A Customer Success Story

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville scheduling office transformed its user experience and cut 80% of administrative time by implementing Series25

Master Planning Saves Your Institution Big Money

Model room scheduling assumptions to correct inefficiencies in your scheduling policies and space allocation. Avoid unneeded construction. Make a stronger case for construction, renovation, and closures, when needed.

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Series25 Education Scheduling Software

Schedule25® Optimized Class Scheduling

Maximizes space efficiency and 
saves you weeks of scheduling time 

25Live® Academic and Events Scheduling

Simplifies every academic and event scheduling and calendaring task

X25® Master Planning and Reporting

Graphical analysis ensures optimal allocation of buildings and rooms

LYNX SIS Interface

The world’s fastest SIS data transfer – by far!

On-Site Training

Our expert consultants get your team up to speed in no time!


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