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Video Interviewing

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Video Interviewing Revolution

Video Interviewing Revolution

StandOut® video interviewing brings new opportunity and insight to admissions because it enables every student to be seen and heard, and allows reviewers to see more of the student behind each application. StandOut frees up on-site interviewing time, allows collaborative reviewing, provides consistency in questioning, and ensures every student an opportunity to highlight what an application alone can’t reveal. With StandOut video interviewing, The Student is the Application!®

Interviewing in a Time of Social Distancing

Is it possible that admissions interviewing not only survives but could improve and expand in our new COVID-19 world? Because StandOut is supercomputer based, it eliminates the need to schedule live, in-person interviews giving you the new power to offer interviews to all of your prospective students. Yet StandOut preserves the major benefits of face-to-face interviewing through its patented Dynamic Scripting capability, which allows each interview response to influence the next question asked – just as in traditional face-to-face interviewing.

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Save Time and Resources

StandOut offers significant cost savings by eliminating the loss of time and expense due to missed on-site interviews and rescheduling. Convenient video technology enables reviewers to see more candidates, review interviews on their own schedules, and compare notes with other reviewers. And this mobile friendly system enables reviews and collaboration on any device, anytime, on or off campus.

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Learn More about Each Candidate

StandOut video interviews remove the interviewer’s burden of juggling three important roles: questioner, note taker, and evaluator. StandOut allows questions to come from multiple people – the school president, the athletics coach, the physics professor, a current student, etc. Not only does StandOut thus create a richer experience for the interviewee, it can reveal how the prospect responds to others with different backgrounds and roles.

Support Access and Fairness

StandOut’s scalability enables you to offer interviews to ALL your applicants, including those who cannot afford to travel to your campus. And it helps level the playing field for applicants by decreasing the potential for cultural bias while allowing students to showcase their unique strengths. StandOut recorded interviewing enables collaborative questioning and reviewing, supports consistency across interviews, side-by-side comparisons, and fair decision making. Currently, StandOut technology has been used to record over 2 million videos.

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