Geographic Solutions Adds StandOut® Video Interview Practice to Its Workforce Development Software; CollegeNET Brings Geographic Solutions’ Virtual Career Center to Universities

Two Leaders in SaaS Innovation for Employment Development and Higher Education Services Align to Improve Interview Preparedness and Job Search Outcomes

Tampa, FL., March 14, 2023

Geographic Solutions and CollegeNET are proud to announce a new partnership that stands to maximize interview preparedness and employment outcomes for job seekers. The partnership expands the scope of each company’s market reach, bringing Geographic Solutions’ employment tools to students via campus career centers and CollegeNET’s StandOut video interview practice to job seekers through state and local employment agencies. Geographic Solutions provides the leading online workforce development software for state and local workforce agencies, education institutions, and economic development organizations. CollegeNET’s StandOut® Intelligent Mirror practice interview platform is the leading AI/supercomputer system helping students prepare for effective job interviewing, formal presentations, public speaking, and social communications.

Combining Innovation to Enhance Workforce Development

Geographic Solutions’ Virtual OneStop® (VOS) Sapphire is a comprehensive, modular software solution that fulfills the requirements of labor exchange, case management, labor market information, service tracking, fund management, provider services, federal reporting, and more. The VOS Sapphire platform is currently utilized in more than 40 states and U.S. territories. The Geographic Solutions and CollegeNET partnership aims to improve employment outcomes across the country.

“We’re excited to combine our VOS Sapphire software with StandOut’s innovative video technology to provide job seekers with a more robust package of employment search and career preparation resources,” said Geographic Solutions President, Paul Toomey. “Our mission has long been to equip job seekers with the tools they need to find quality, high-paying jobs. By incorporating StandOut, we can help job seekers prepare and build confidence as they pursue their employment goals.”

Interview Practice Builds Important Skills for Students

StandOut’s Intelligent Mirror AI video platform enables job seekers to build their interviewing skills by improving their word choice, speech clarity, and style. Users receive supercomputer and video feedback along the way that helps them identify and focus on specific areas for improvement. As with any endeavor, consistent practice builds self confidence in the ability to perform well in interviews and other social settings. As Geographic Solutions expands StandOut’s usage throughout workforce development centers, CollegeNET aims to increase Geographic Solutions’ presence in university career centers.

“We greatly admire and share Geographic Solutions’ ambition to help streamline the job search and employment preparation process,” said CollegeNET President, Jim Wolfston. “Given that interviewing skills involve key social skills, they not only contribute to a successful job search, but they also pay off in terms of confidence and communication throughout one’s life and career. As soon as our team saw VOS Sapphire in action, it became clear that all students should have access to its advanced employment search, preparation, and career development resources.”

About Geographic Solutions

Geographic Solutions specializes in developing and maintaining online software for the workforce development, economic development, education, corrections, human services, and unemployment insurance industries. The company’s VOS Sapphire software suite meets the underlying goal of reducing dependence on unemployment benefits, inspiring career exploration, and encouraging economic stability.

About CollegeNET

CollegeNET, Inc. is the developer of StandOut® Intelligent Mirror, which includes patented AI voice analysis technology that provides self-guided practice and feedback to job seekers who want to improve their speaking skills and self-confidence. CollegeNET systems are now used by more than 1,000 institutions worldwide for virtual classroom instruction, career preparation, college admissions, campus hiring, candidate recruitment, event and academic scheduling, and course evaluation.

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Jill Thacker