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CollegeNET Introduces First All-Purpose Evaluation and Survey System

The What•Do•You•Think? Online Questionnaire Yields Higher Participation and Richer Data to Help Institutions Improve the Quality of Education They Offer Their Students

Portland, Ore., March 17, 2014

CollegeNET, Inc., a leading provider of Web-based on-demand technologies for higher education, has unveiled a new version of its What•Do•You•Think?® online course evaluation system. New functionality gives this popular evaluation tool virtually unlimited application, allowing users to survey any topic, using their own questions. With flexibility to tailor questions and determine question format — whether a numerical or star rating scale, multiple choice, or open-ended answers — users can cull the accurate feedback they need for more informative reporting. This approach yields higher participation and richer data to help institutions improve the education and services they offer students.

Customizable forms for evaluations or surveys of any kind
What•Do•You•Think? is the first online system to allow authorized users such as administrators and instructors to create questionnaires or surveys using a simple, step-by-step form building application. A survey might be created to examine students' reasons for dropping a specific class, or to collect attendee feedback on a training session or other event. Attendees or other responders access the surveys online, anytime. The system compiles the data from the submitted surveys and provides results as soon as 24 hours after the close of an evaluation period. Reports can be exported in PDF and Excel formats.

"There's just no comparison between CollegeNET's system and our old evaluation process," said Dr. Rob Anson, project manager for course evaluation and professor of Information Technology Management at Boise State University. "Now, we can look at aggregate data across multiple sections of courses, at the course level, department level, or across many courses that share some characteristics, such as honors courses. We considered about 20 evaluation systems and only What•Do•You•Think? offered us the flexibility to ask different questions for different types of courses."

New features help boost participation
The evaluation system's mobile-ready format makes it particularly appealing to students. Built with the latest responsive design technology, What•Do•You•Think? evaluations and surveys are even easier to use on a smart phone than on a computer. And the forms can be completed and submitted anytime, from anywhere with internet access.What•Do•You•Think? also helps encourage participation by allowing schools the choice of offering early access to course grades as an incentive, or making participation mandatory for receiving final grades.

"We're excited to provide an evaluation system that not only significantly improves participation but is so flexible it can gather feedback on virtually anything a school wants to study," said Patricia Summers, Vice President of Marketing for CollegeNET. "Our customers tell us What•Do•You•Think? gives them the most useful feedback, and is one of the best ways to reduce paper consumption on campus."

What•Do•You•Think? provides quick access to evaluation results, reduces the time and personnel needed for paper processing, and dramatically cuts paper use — which can save institutions thousands of dollars every year. The SaaS system is hosted by CollegeNET, which means there's no software to install or maintain.

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