Summer Screening of RIGGED with Expert Panel Discussion Presented in Portland

Portland, Or., July 19, 2023

The RIGGED documentary was screened during an annual conference in Portland, Oregon, in July. The more than 250 people attending the conference enjoyed the opportunity to view the film and participate in a panel discussion and Q&A session examining and expanding on the issues presented in the film. The panel featured business and education professionals who have dedicated their careers to supporting access and opportunity in higher education and creating paths for social mobility.

RIGGED Executive Producer, Jim Wolfston, moderated the panel discussion. The Panelists included Eduardo Arellano, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Practice, Department of Educational Leadership and Foundations at the University of Texas at El Paso; Carin Barber, Ed.D, Director of Strategic Projects, Office of the President at California State University, San Marcos; Jerry Anderson, Founder and Executive Director of The Do School, Winston-Salem, NC, and Owner of Impact Solutions of the Triad; and Craig Richardson, Ph.D, Distinguished Professor of Economics and Founding Director of the Center for the Study of Economic Mobility (CSEM) at Winston-Salem State University.

“I was honored to be asked to participate in the panel,” said Craig Richardson, Director of the Center for the Study of Economic Mobility (CSEM) at Winston-Salem State University. “RIGGED is relevant now more than ever, in light of the recent Supreme Court decision ending affirmative action as a tool to select students in our nation’s academic institution. One unintended consequence of the Court’s decision was to shine a bright light on so-called “legacy” admissions, which gives a much bigger advantage to children of alumni. This is a type of affirmative action for the very wealthy, which creates an uncomfortable spotlight for how prestigious institutions select for their entering class of students. The panel gave us a chance to parse these types of questions and on the wisdom of this policy now versus in the past.

“After having a chance to see the film again, I was struck by the depth and rigor of the questions it raises around ‘wealthism’ or having far more advantages by being rich in terms of getting a quality education. In addition, despite its somber title, the film offers hope and an uplifting message. CSEM was featured as one of the nation’s innovators in education, and we are proud to be recognized and included by CollegeNET as one of the institutions bucking the traditional paths to recognition and success.”


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