New Screenings of RIGGED to be Held at New Mexico State University and Local Community Colleges January 25 & 26

The International Award-Winning Documentary RIGGED Explains How the Chase for Wealth and "Prestige" in US Higher Education Exacerbates the Social and Economic Divide, Weakens Public Trust in Our Institutions, and Threatens Our National Stability
Free Screenings to Include Live Q&A Sessions with Executive Producer and Narrator, Jim Wolfston

Portland, Or., January 17, 2023

We are pleased to announce upcoming screenings of RIGGED—the new and award-winning documentary that explains the dynamics behind the chase for “prestige” in American higher education and how this outmoded value system subverts social mobility and undermines the American Dream. RIGGED features compelling footage from educators who are dedicated to redefining “prestige” by advancing all capable students regardless of their economic background.

RIGGED will screen on January 25 and 26 at three local campuses: New Mexico State University, Doña Ana Community College, and El Paso Community College—Valle Verde Campus. Each screening will be followed by a live question-and-answer discussion with RIGGED Executive Producer and Narrator, Jim Wolfston. All screenings are free to the public. Find screening times, locations, and other information here.

Meeting Students Where They Are; Focusing on Learning

According to New Mexico State University Interim Provost, Dr. Dorothy Campbell, “We have more economic and racial diversity than ever before and universities are not prepared for it. We’re going to have to meet students where they are and focus on learning, not just teaching,” Dr. Campbell continued. “It is not wise to repeat our past mistakes. We welcome Jim Wolfston to our three area campuses (New Mexico State, Doña Ana Community College, and El Paso Community College). We are so glad that he is visiting to help us enhance our practice as we serve diverse students. The future of society will be only as good as the students we educate. This is critical for our country and our world. Thank you, Mr. Wolfston, for exposing—and addressing—some of the injustices through your documentary, RIGGED. We welcome you and urge everyone to come view your award-winning film

Transforming Colleges and Universities into Pathways for Social Mobility

RIGGED examines how the outmoded value system in U.S. higher education—a system that encourages schools to cravenly chase “prestige” and wealth—drives erosion of individual opportunity and undermines the American Dream. RIGGED builds on the historical premise that growing economic imbalance ultimately leads to social unrest, political upheaval, and war. Through interviews with authors, historians, educators, and students, RIGGED shows how the prevailing ethos in U.S. higher education constitutes a risk factor for triggering these consequences. RIGGED showcases the efforts of innovative and courageous educators who are pioneering the new movement toward models that select students not for their wealth, but for their drive and grit—a movement that will ultimately transform colleges and universities into viable pathways for student engagement, social mobility, and stronger citizenship.

“We’re pleased to engage with New Mexico State University, Doña Ana Community College, and El Paso Community College—leading campuses that provide access and educational opportunity to all people who are ready to study hard, learn, and apply their new skills and ideas towards creating a better world,” said Executive Producer Jim Wolfston.

Higher Education — The Most Vital Asset in the Learning Age

“Higher education is the most important asset in the Learning Age,” Mr. Wolfston continued. “If we can distribute this vital asset across the economic spectrum, we can optimize our nation’s human capital development, prepare the next generation for citizenship, and ensure social and economic opportunity. Most importantly, by rejecting the current trend toward on-campus economic homogeneity, higher education institutions can offer their students the chance to encounter a more challenging mix of people with diverse ideas, perspectives and backgrounds. Collisions with the unexpected and unfamiliar are what best sharpen and prepare innovative minds. Thus, while economic inclusion advances social justice and equality of opportunity, it also forms an optimizing strategy for educating tomorrow’s innovators.”

Read more about RIGGED here.

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Jill Thacker